Meeting with BMHS Board of Directors Requested

Friends & Family of Bishop McCort has requested a meeting with the Bishop McCort High School Board of Directors.  When this meeting takes place, we will attempt to gain answers to the following questions compiled by members of the McCort Family during our meeting on March 4, 2013.

  1. What is the process for selection of board members?
  2. Can board members be removed?
  3. Does Cannon law have a place in this case?
  4. Does Cannon law only reside because of physical location?
  5. What if ruled by civil board at different building would church still have control?
  6. What does letting Mr. Salem do relationship wise to accusation of Brother being accused?
  7. Was the placement of this priest questioned by anyone at the school or was he simply sent by diocese?
  8. Have the other schools that have been affected by this same situation put any administrative personnel on leave as we have?
  9. What is the basis for letting Mr. Salem on leave?
  10. Why did Mr. Salem get fired?
  11. Why is he suffering for this?
  12. What about all the other coaches that were there at the time?
  13. Why is it just Mr. Salem and what about the other teachers and coaches?
  14. Who was there when Brother Steve was?
  15. Why is Mr. Salem being singled out?
  16. I am concerned that we are victimizing more than the victims of the perpetrator.  Do you realize we are also victimizing our current staff, students and families?
  17. Who hired the attorney’s that are conducting the internal investigation?
  18. Was this firm approved by the board?
  19. Who were the other law firms we interviewed?
  20. Was the vote to remove Mr. Salem “unanimous” as stated?
  21. Did all board members vote?
  22. Who brought this action to the table?
  23. Why are the persons who hired Brother Baker not being placed on Administrative leave (if they did not do a background check)?
  24. If house cleaning is to be done, one starts at the top and works down?
  25. How is the board selected (one should be an alumni or have a child in school?
  26. Is the school in any danger of closing because of this?
  27. Will Mr. Salem be back to the school soon? (innocent until proven guilty)?
  28. When this mess is cleared up can a completely new board be elected?
  29. When will you make a decision whether or not to bring Mr. Salem back or search for his replacement?
  30. Is it true that the benefactors of BMHS were notified of Mr. Salem a day before everyone else in the form of a letter?
  31. Is this the result of the Brother Baker incident?
  32. Who was responsible for having Brother Baker at Bishop McCort?
  33. How can you place the blame on a 28 year old coach?
  34. What about his Brother Friars, the diocese, Bishop, administration?  You should be you trying to sabotage the Catholic Schools in Johnstown?
  35. What exactly di the board hope to accomplish by placing Mr. Salem on leave?
  36. Also, how are the members of the board selected?
  37. Was is specifically the “Baker” incident that prompted Ken’s removal-or did the investigators find something else?
  38. I want to know why Mr. Salem was put on leave.  WJAC said he was “implicate” in the Br. Baker case. Or is this their no good reason for his being put on leave?
  39. What information was at hand, that the board reacted in the matter of Ken Salem’s leave of absence?
  40. I would have liked to have had opportunity to vote on who would be speaking on my behalf as we are paying good money for our kids to go to McCort?
  41. How come paper or news hasn’t mentioned Coach Frank Krevetsky or Principal Bill Russian’s name since they were at McCort when the good Brother Baker was hired?? Not Ken Salem!
  42. I believe at least 3 members of the board should be Alumni and be elected by the Alumni, at least 3 members should be parents of students and elected by parents?
  43. Why is there not a shake-up of the dioceses over this?  What about the Franciscans or the Principal of McCort in the 1990’s, Sister Donna Maria?
  44. What internal investigation was done?
  45. What findings came out of it that resulted in the dismissal of Mr. Salem?
  46. Are you reaching the Alumni?
  47. I think many would like to know why Mr. Salem was let go?  There were others who had more authority than he.
  48. Bishop McCort does not need any more bad publicity.  Please consider the future of the school.  Ken Salem is and continues to be your greatest advocate-bring him back!
  49. What was the role of Bishop Adamec in the placement of Brother Baker at Bishop McCort?
  50. Why is Sister Donna, who was the principal at the time on the board and not called upon for her lack of action?
  51. What is the hiring process?
  52. How could he be a trainer without any certifications?  Who made the assignment?
  53. What background checks were performed and by whom?
  54. Who selected the Board of Directors?
  55. What was the reason for Mr. Salem’s dismissal?
  56. As a board member on a municipal authority – we must keep written record on all meeting notes.  Does the Board of Trustees keep written record of their meeting minutes?  And if so, are these meeting minutes available for parents/public to view meeting minutes?
  57. We are governed by Sunshine laws as a non-profit/PA municipal authority – who dictates record of this board’s agenda/decisions?
  58. If the Board of Trustee’s meetings are “closed” how can we open a dialog with them?
  59. How can a private school funded by its community not include them in their meetings?
  60. Why do the lawyers NOT believe that we the faculty knew nothing?
  61. Why was Ken put on administrative leave?
  62. Why did Mark Pasquerilla on day after Mr. Salem was released post on Facebook, “It is our great hope that he (Mr. Salem) will return to his position as Principal once issues facing our school are resolved.  This was later posted on the McCort website.  Is this a consensus statement from the Board?  This statement seems to undermine the decision to release Mr. Salem and also makes the Board appear weak and possibly divided.  At the very least, this is a duplicitous statement.
  63. Is it the Board’s intent to return Ken Salem as Principal of Bishop McCort?
  64. What was the exact reason Ken Salem was put on leave?
  65. Has Ken Salem been accused of anything? if so what?
  66. Did the decision come up to a vote? if so who voted to put him on leave?
  67. Why did the initial email from the BOT read, “Effective immediately, Ken Salem is no longer the principal of BMCHS” if he was placed on administrative leave with pay?  Those two statements are conflicting!  The email sent the message that Ken was fired.
  68. How did the Board of Directors come to the conclusion to remove the biggest proponent of BM in its time of need?
  69. How did each member vote in the matter of reviewing Mr. Salem?
  70. Why has there been so much silence from the Board of Trustee’s and the Diocese?
  71. Is faculty going to be dismissed and if so, where do they believe they will find qualified, dedicated teachers to replace them?
  72. Board of Trustee’s – How is the Board structured?  What happens when one steps down?
  73. Was there a unanimous vote for Mr. Salem to be put on Administrative leave?
  74. On what knowledge did the decision to put Mr. Salem on leave take place?
  75. Who appointed Steven Baker to McCort?
  76. Wouldn’t Sister Donna and Bishop Adamec be held responsible – not Mr. Salem?
  77. On what basis did the decision to place Mr. Salem on leave occur?
  78. Were all Board member’s physically present, did they all vote, what was the vote?
  79. Was the Bishop at the meeting, what was his vote, Sister Donna?
  80. Who does the marketing or is spokesperson for the board – if none, they need one.  If they have one then my guess they are not familiar with the school.
  81. Who communicated the leave to Mr. Salem, to the students and in what format?
  82. Who communicated the leave to the faculty, the alumni and the major donors?
  83. Why was Mr. Salem put on administrative leave without due process?
  84. Did any student actually come forward to any administrator stating this abuse occurred?  I am not questioning that this abuse did happen – just was anyone notified?
  85. How did the board come to this decision? How many votes did it take? What can be done in response?
  86. What is the diocese’s responsibility in all of this?  Brother Baker was an issue long before Mr. Salem became principal.
  87. How is the diocese and Bishop Adamec being held responsible/accountable?
  88. Do you know when the Board of Trustees will make the final decision on when Mr. Salem will come back?  If he comes back?
  89. What proof does the Board of Trustees have that Mr. Salem knew anything about alleged abuse?
  90. Who appointed the Board of Trustees?

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